CNC Machining Services

At Crankshaft Craftsmen, we specialize in providing everyone from gearheads to professional mechanics with the auto parts they need, particularly for engine rebuilds and crankshafts. As part of our commitment, we have made it a point to incorporate more CNC milling and CNC machining into our process as there are many auto parts that are difficult to find. Our solution to this problem is to machine the parts ourselves with tools like a CNC lathe. We can complete CNC turning, laser cutting, laser engraving, laser etching, and so much more for you.

At this time, we use several different machines to conduct CNC turning, laser cutting, and more. We have a 2013 Viper LG1000 Four Axis Vertical Machining Center as well as a 2013 Viper VT17L CNC Lathe. We also have a 2017 CNC Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine. These machines are well-equipped and allow us to deliver excellent precision.

While Crankshaft Craftsmen can produce as few or as many auto parts as you need, the majority of the people who come to us for parts require small lot machining. This means they need more than a few parts machined but not hundreds at once. This allows us to really take our time when we do CNC milling and CNC machining, and provide you with the highest service quality.

We are able to provide people and companies with the high-quality parts they need for the jobs they are looking to finish. Whether that means a laser cutter for laser cutting or a CNC lathe to do CNC turning, our turn-around is quick and we work efficiently to produce exactly what you need.

Would you like to learn more about the services available through Crankshaft Craftsmen? Call us at 248-313-9685 today to see how machining can benefit you.